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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are enjoying the sea breezes, the salt
spray, and the inspiring natural beauty of bloodthirsty gulls dive-bombing
helpless fish. Speaking of helpless fish, the defenders of the current
adminstration are no match for the poison pen of David Litt, outgoing
editor of The Yale Record humor magazine:

The Far Starboard

By David Litt

(The Weekly Standard, a magazine whose editorial positions are often
indistinguishable from those of the Bush administration, will be testing
the waters with its first-ever cruise. -- Foward.com, August 1, 2007)

CAPTAIN KRISTOL: Stay the course!

LOOKOUT: But there's an iceberg, dead ahead. We've got to adjust our heading.

CAPTAIN KRISTOL: And admit defeat? What kind of message would that send to
our enemies, Harrison?...

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