[thebigjewel] The Elephant in the Corner - April 12, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are trying to stop global warming by
renting "March of the Penguins" over and over again. This week we
celebrate the return of English writer Tom Conoboy to our pages. We don't
pretend to know exactly what this piece is about, but we know what we
like. We mean it entirely as a compliment when say that it could almost
have been written by a debauched and dilapidated Lewis Carroll:

The Elephant in the Corner

By Tom Conoboy

Just when everyone had successfully managed to ignore it, the elephant
sneezed. Rolling our eyes, we looked to the corner of the room where it
was seated uncomfortably on a bulging armchair with a Gauloise in its
trunk and a tumbler of whisky by its side. "Sorry," it said, "just ignore

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