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* This week's article is by a newcomer to The Big Jewel (and possibly also
to our dimension), Helmut Reinhardt. Any resemblance to "The Monkey's Paw"
by W.W. Jacobs is probably intentional. Pour yourself some sherry, lock the
door, and settle into your easy chair with this grim tale of human and
feline frailty. Oh, yes -- and don't forget to light the fire!


The Cat's Pajamas
By Helmut Reinhardt

Outside, the rain had taken league with the cold to ensure that only the
very brave or the very foolish would venture into the night. The wind
banged furiously on the windows, while the rain hammered on the roof,
trying to gain access to the small, lonely cottage.

But inside, a cozy, warm fire blazed out of control in the kitchen. Mr.
Whitehead, a wizened old man, sat engrossed in a game of chess with his
presumptuous, wisecracking son, Hubert. Deep within Mr. Whitehead, where
very little else stirred, lived a small yet ridiculous dream of becoming
head lifeguard at the town swimming hole that summer. He would never see
that day, and it was just as well, since he couldn't swim in anything over
three inches deep. Especially water. Mrs. Whitehead sat in the corner
working hard, squeezing the last few drops of blood from a turnip for a
lovely blood pudding.

"Check," announced Mr. Whitehead for all to hear.

The old woman stopped her work and looked up in surprise. Hubert grinned
impishly and then with a nasty little chuckle made his move.

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