[thebigjewel] The Archery Contest - July 16, 2003

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I shot an arrow into air, it landed I know not where...and in any case,
that old nursery rhyme has very little to do with this week's offering at
The Big Jewel, which is actually more about ancient customs of betrothal.
However, the title does contain the word "archery," and author Patrick M.
Thornton is as straight an arrow as we know:

The Archery Contest

by Patrick M. Thornton

It was the morning of the big archery contest. Today was the day that the
lovely Princess Anastasia was to pick a husband. Was it to be the handsome
and noble Sir Eric, or the not so handsome or noble Sir Gaylord? Sir Eric
was just as curious as everyone else to know the answer. He took court
with the young princess to inquire...

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