[thebigjewel] Tales Of Ordinary Greatness - April 15, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where our good friend David Jaggard has a brand
new bit that almost makes life worth living:

Tales Of Ordinary Greatness

By David Jaggard

Greetings, everyone! Graduates, family members, friends, staff...Welcome
to the commencement exercises for the third midspring session of Briquedor
University. As founder, dean, bursar and faculty of this cybertech-based
institution of higher osmotic education, I am very happy to see so many of
our graduates turn out today to receive their hard-earned degrees for life
experience and inadvertent independent study. But before I present you
with your luxury laminate-bound diplomas we have a special, and I dare say
moving, ceremony to perform. This sub-semester Briquedor is proud to be
awarding honorary degrees to two people who exemplify the very spirit of
life achievement...

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