[thebigjewel] Summary Of Second Quarter Grant Proposals - May 28, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where are giving away our worldly possessions to
charity. Well, some of them. Speaking of that, though, did you ever wonder
how charitable organizations decide on which projects to fund? Us neither.
But we're going to tell you anyhow, thanks to Michael Kaplan in his first
piece for us:

Summary Of Second Quarter Grant Proposals

By Michael Kaplan

IDENTITY REUNIFICATION. Support Center for victims of ID theft unable to
make a smooth return to identities of origin. Symptomatic behavior can
include chronic mistrust, changing last names to unpronounceable words,
shredding random household items. Requesting seed money for educational
brochures and a 24-hour hotline.
COMMENT: Ground floor of potential new disorder. Let's grab it...

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