[thebigjewel] Stem Cell Research: Pro or Profane? - September 4, 2002

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* J. Pinkerton is back on The Big Jewel with a hilarious follow-up to his 
prize-winning article of a few weeks ago. To read the first piece, 
entitled 'Investing in the Stock Market' please visit 
http://www.thebigjewel.com/investing/ Now have a great four-day week, and 
please, keep it real. 

Stem Cell Research: Pro or Profane?
By J. Pinkerton

The uproar over stem cell research has once again given the genetic 
sciences the spotlight, and with that spotlight come questions. "Are you 
making gill-men? Is that what all this is about?" the savvy among us probe. 
As is usually the case, stem cell research is not actually about gill-men 
at all, but something else entirely that isn?t terribly interesting. 
Nonetheless, it is news we must embrace. Why? Because any advance in 
genetics gets us one step closer to the ultimate goal of all gene 
tinkering: that someday, it will be raining men. Perhaps even gill-men, 
though we don?t have the hard facts to back that up. 

To date, male-based precipitation research has produced nothing 
significant. Yet every new finding -- be it stem cells or what have you -- 
gives us hope that the ultimate prize is ever closer to our anxious grasp. 

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