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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we believe small rodents have as much
right as the next mammal to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
This week, please join us in saying hello to Chris Bucholz, who is new to
our pages. Chris has written a powerful, poignant story about a squirrel
that is sure to make your big bushy tail twitch with sympathy:


By Chris Bucholz

"Veronica! Wait!" I'd spotted her near the bandshell, still as lovely as
the last time I'd seen her, and I ran to catch up. "It's me, Ted!"

"Ted?...Ted!? I...thought you left me."

"Oh Veronica! I would never leave you like that. I've just been...hiding."


"From predators." I gestured vaguely toward the sky: "Large birds, dogs,
shadows cast by airplanes..."

"But, Ted..." Veronica stammered, "how...how come you're a squirrel?"...

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