[thebigjewel] Speech, Speech! - January 12, 2005

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This week The Big Jewel has only one fervent, heartfelt wish: that there
could be more rambling, incoherent speeches in our lives. And now, thanks
to editor Kurt Luchs, there are! Just listen:

"Speech, Speech!"

by Kurt Luchs

In the 34 years it has been my pleasure to be associated with this company
-- well, not quite 34, actually, but very close to it, very close indeed
-- in fact, a good deal more than 33 -- perhaps even more than 33 and a
half, though I'm not sure, it might have been a leap year -- but anyway,
so close to 34 that it might as well BE 34, even though it's NOT -- at
least, I don't think so...

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