[thebigjewel] Soup To Nuts - February 18, 2004

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So many pressing and perplexing issues are, well, pressing and perplexing
the world these days. We at The Big Jewel don't know exactly what to do
about that, so instead we thought we'd ignore them and bring you this look
at an even more pressing and perplexing issue we like to call:

Soup To Nuts

by Joseph O'Brien

To Whom It May Concern:

For the love of God, will you please stop putting carrot chunks the size
of manhole covers in your otherwise satisfying soups! When I fish them
out, as I have been forced to do on several occasions now, it has a
considerable shallowing effect on the soup. It is not unlike what happens
to the water level in a bathtub when a large man steps out after a long
soak. A giant discus of carrot in my Italian Wedding soup does not make
for a happy marriage!...

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