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* Man in good standing Kurt Luchs returns this week with Songs Of The 
Renaissance, which may or may not be about a dusty collection of old rap 
hits Kurt found hidden behind some old Monet paintings in his garage.

Songs Of The Renaissance
By Kurt Luchs

The recently revealed Da Vinci notebooks have yielded a wealth of 
information about life in Renaissance Italy. The Da Vinci in question, of 
course, is not Leonardo but Ricco, the "Amorous Plumber of Rome," who 
discovered the cold shower and other milestones in personal hygiene. While 
most of Ricco's notebooks contain nothing more than girl's addresses and 
sketches saying "Kilroy Was Here," there are some surprises. He was an avid 
collector of folk songs and ballads, and filled many pages with lyrics from 
the popular tunes of his day. Usually they were brief (but not brief 
enough) and told some sort of story (stop me if you've already heard it). 
Even now, they sound like hits. 

The Cheese-Seller's Lament

An old cheese-seller limps down a street in Naples crying, "My cheese is 
good (gouda), will no one buy it? Unhappy am I, for my boots are full of 
provolone, and there is no room for my tired feet. My cheese is soft to the 
touch, like a baby's brow, and many fine molds grow quietly upon it. Oh, 
who will purchase the cow's treasure?" He continues this way for several 
hours, until he slips on something and cracks his skull on a lamppost. 

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