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Welcome to The Big Jewel, home of the Philosopher Kings and other fine
low-tar cigarettes. Yes, we're usually in a philosophical mood around
here, and why not? When we aren't reading Plato's Republic, you may catch
us reading this lesser-known work captured for us by Brad Hooker:

The First And Last Time Socrates' Older Brother, Frankios, Participated In
A Dialogue

By Brad Hooker

SOCRATES: What troubles you, dear Glaucon?

GLAUCON: I was in the market today buying figs, and an old man in rags
asked if I could spare a drachma or two. Even though I could have spared
several, I told him I could spare none. I knew if I gave him money, he
would buy wine to satiate the very vice responsible for his pitiful
condition. It got me thinking about ethics. I wonder, Socrates, was it
wrong of me to withhold money from that beggar, even though I knew he
would use it to harm himself?

SOCRATES: Is it wrong to withhold a merciful death from a wounded horse,

GLAUCON: Well...yes, I suppose...

FRANKIOS: He asked you about giving charity, Athena. Nobody said anything
about a horse.

SOCRATES: Yes, I know, Frank -- it's called an analogy. That's what I'm
trying to do. Make an analogy. And if you're trying to get a rise out of
me by calling me Athena, it won't work...

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