[thebigjewel] Shemp Howard's 1949 Journal - December 15, 2004

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Merry Christmas from The Big Jewel! A few words from the original Third
Stooge Shemp Howard is our first gift to you, courtesy of Dennis Perrin,
making his first appearance here. Perrin wrote the definitive bio "Mr.
Mike: The Life And Work Of Michael O'Donoghue." Younger or more sensitive
readers should know that this piece includes the "A" word...which
incidentally was a favorite word of Mr. Mike's, not to mention the Three
Stooges when they were off camera:

"Shemp Howard's 1949 Journal: Random Entries From The Original Third Stooge"

by Dennis Perrin

The sledgehammer bit isn't working. It takes too much time and it's
obvious that the thing's foam rubber. I mean, a sledgehammer to the skull
would kill a person!...

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