[thebigjewel] Servicing the Working Man - May 28, 2003

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Experience the thrill of Father's Day long before the fact with this
heartwrenching memoir from Cory Laslocky:

Servicing The Working Man

by Cory Laslocky

My Pop-Pop just turned 85 the other day and do you know how he
spent his day? Working, and I don't mean weeding in the garden,
although he did do that too, but only after he finished working.
Rendered services. Contributed to America's bottom line. And
although he's certainly entitled at his age, he spent his birthday -- the
day meant for celebrating the moment he joined the human race after
being squeezed from his mother's womb 85 years ago -- earning a
living. My Pop-Pop, to quote Tom Brokaw, is part of America's greatest
generation, the generation that built America as we know it. Back then,
the only thing my Pop-Pop, and men like him, did was build -- all the
time: factories, dams, skyscrapers, fighter jets. He might even have
built the place you're sitting in right now. Are you sitting in a fighter jet
parked on top of a skyscraper? If so, he probably did.

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