[thebigjewel] Selected Recipes By My Former Housemates - March 16, 2005

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This week The Big Jewel presents a special culinary feature by David
Jaggard, a man who lives in France but is not a Frenchman. He doesn't even
like Jerry Lewis. And in that movie "The Day of the Jackal," he was
rooting for the Jackal. Anyway, his recipes are based not on French
cuisine but rather on something just as exotic: roommate cuisine. Bon

Selected Recipes By My Former Housemates
A work of fiction. I repeat: fiction.

by David Jaggard

Skip's Famous Spaghetti: For six months, do not lift a finger to purchase,
prepare, serve or clean up after any meals served in the supposedly
communal house where you rent a room, whose residents have informally but
solemnly agreed to contribute to meals on an equal basis. After allowing
this time to pass, announce with great pomp and ceremony that you're going
to make dinner for everyone...

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