[thebigjewel] Schadenfreude Dreamin' - April 16, 2003

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* Newcomer David Martin thrills and chills with this article comparing his
career with Steve Martin's. Enjoy it and have a great week. Thanks for


Schadenfreude Dreamin'
By David Martin

1945: Steve Martin born.

1950: Steve Martin plays small kiddie comedy clubs in southern California.

Dave Martin born with lifelong five-year handicap.

1962: Steve Martin hones comedy craft by performing magic shows in local
amusement parks.

Dave Martin experiments with various rude body noises and finds whoopee
cushion hilarious.

1972: Steve Martin achieves initial success as standup comic. Begins to
perfect famous "Wild and Crazy Guy" routine.

Dave Martin explores the comedic possibilities of beer drinking, dope
smoking and class cutting at small liberal-arts university.

1978: Steve Martin becomes national humor phenomenon with two best-selling
comedy albums.

Dave Martin experiments unsuccessfully with anti-comedy by taking job as a
computer programmer.

1979: Steve Martin achieves cinematic fame by writing and starring in the
comedy hit The Jerk.

Dave Martin achieves inadvertent local fame in movie theater ticket lineup
by asking cashier for "Two for The Jerk."

1981-91: Steve Martin cements movie stardom by writing and starring in
series of comedy hits including All of Me and Roxanne, and culminating in
L.A. Story.

Dave Martin takes position with federal government in ill-advised attempt
to mine comedic possibilities of large bureaucracy.

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