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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where artificial intelligence is only our second
favorite thing about robots. Please join our good friend Dave Martin as he
celebrates all of the other things you can do with robots:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By David Martin

"I believe it is inevitable that within five years, people will be having
sex with robots," [David] Levy told his audience..."I believe that by 2050
people in large numbers will be falling in love with robots and marrying
them in large numbers," he said. -- The Ottawa Citizen - June 23, 2008

New York Times - Weddings & Celebrations - July 10, 2050


Dr. Stephen and Louise Cruikshank of Stamford, Connecticut are pleased to
announce the marriage of their daughter Mary Ellen to "Robbie"
RoboWorld-3000. Ms. Cruikshank is a graduate of Swarthmore and is
presently pursuing postgraduate studies at Yale University in early
childhood psychology. The groom is a product of LeisureWorld Robotics Inc.
of Cambridge, Massachusetts and a graduate of their advanced psycho-sexual
assembly line...

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