[thebigjewel] Ruminations of "Shaolin Monk #13" - January 21, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we pay weekly tribute to the martial arts
and all the talented martial artists who practice them. This week the
tribute comes via our good friend Dan McArdle, who channels the interior
monologue of a king fu bit player in a Jet Li movie:

Ruminations of "Shaolin Monk #13," Awaiting the Order to Attack Jet Li

By Dan McArdle

How dare this arrogant warrior stroll uninvited into our monastery, and
openly challenge our exalted Master Fu in front of his assembled acolytes.
Let us teach him a painful lesson in humility, my brothers!

I am honored beyond measure that the Master has allowed me to stand by his
side, despite my being shamefully knocked unconscious in training mere
moments ago. I awoke dazed, with only hazy recollections of my enigmatic
name, "Shaolin monk #13," and my purpose, "extra for the battle scene at
Shrouded Dragon Temple"...

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