[thebigjewel] Reviews of The Smile, Starring Edward James Olmos - November 8, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are the world's biggest fans of
Battlestar Galactica (no, not the old one, silly, the remake on the SciFi
channel). Of course that means we are also way into the great stonefaced
starship commander played by Edward James Olmos, whose last name could be
made into a embarrassing pun, as in: "Look! His face 'Olmos' has an actual
expression on it!" Not that we would ever stoop to such a cheap shot. But
Ray Grant would:

"Reviews of The Smile, Starring Edward James Olmos"

By Ray Grant

"That tiresome Hollywood cliche, the Gypsy curse, has been infused with
vigorous new life in this thriller about a curt, somber-faced Head Chef
who must suddenly go through life with a broad smile etched on his face.
Much of the film's success is due to the bold casting of Edward James
Olmos. Mr. Olmos has played curt, somber-faced police lieutenants, curt,
somber-faced teachers, curt, somber-faced fathers, curt, somber-faced
spaceship commanders and many other types of curt, somber-faced authority
figures in his lengthy, acclaimed career -- yet here he displays an
amazing new depth of character and range of emotion. He smiles, by God!
And viewers will find themselves smiling back..."

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