[thebigjewel] Regrets - July 20, 2005

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Here at The Big Jewel, every month is Eric Metaxas month! Well, not every
month. But this month, anyway -- or rather, the last half of this month
and the first half of next month. What we're trying to say is, we've been
on an Eric Metaxas binge ever since we met him at a university conference
a few months ago and discovered his work. We think it is so good that we
are devoting the next four weeks to it. So change your phaser setting from
"Stun" to "Eric Metaxas" and get ready for some of the nimblest literary
laughs available in this particular section of Mordor, starting with:


by Eric Metaxas

Dear Classmates,

I am so sorry I couldn't be with you this evening for this important
reunion! I'll never forget all our good times together! Anyway, I thought
I owed you all an explanation for my absence, and perhaps one of you will
read this letter to the Class for me. There are actually several possible
reasons I am not with you -- unless I suddenly do in fact show up, in
which case please stop reading this letter immediately! Otherwise, please
continue. (Why not scan the room one last time? Am I still absent?
Excellent. Proceed.)...

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