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* The Big Jewel welcomes newcomer Gregory Hischak to the mix today, with a 
great article that may or may not be about wildlife preservation. Thanks 
for reading, and have a great week!


By Gregory Hischak

We climbed slowly out of a pale thicket of aspens, working our way up the 
shoulder of a ridge until we reached a wide plateau of sage grasses. It was 
there that we spied them: grazing in a tight pack about 50 yards ahead of 
us, a herd of seven senior account coordinators. 

"You can tell they're senior by the size of their horns," my companion 
remarked, handing me the binoculars. 

Realizing that they were being watched, the account coordinators warily 
turned their large dark eyes upon us. Their shoes glistened in the dew and 
their well-combed manes gleamed in the clarity of high desert light. 
Hesitantly, the herd approached, their lanky trousered limbs rustling 
through the short scrub sage, until they were a short distance from us. 
There they stopped as the most senior of the senior account coordinators, a 
mature male in a majestic blue Armani and pale yellow tie, came forward to 
hand us his card: 

   Travis Marquist 
   Senior Account Coordinator 

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