[thebigjewel] Particularly Overt Classified Ads - October 8, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we have been searching the classifieds for
a funny but reasonably-priced piece about searching the classifieds.
Fortunately, Pete Reynolds -- who is new to these pages -- was there to
help us find it:

Particularly Overt Classified Ads

By Pete Reynolds

MediocriCo, Inc. -- Marketing Associate. Get started down the Long Road to
the Middle! Looking for young, spirited, optimistic go-getters who are
open to having their souls crushed by a lifetime of overwhelming monotony
and trite, career-stunting office politics. Useless bachelor's degree
preferred. Ability to begrudgingly, but consistently, obey orders a plus.
Willingness to wear ties with short-sleeve dress shirts also a plus...

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