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* Welcome back to another year of Big Jewelness! We hope you all had a 
great holiday. We welcome newcomer Ed Page to the scene today who gives us 
an ornithological bit worthy of Audobon himself. If you like this article, 
be sure to check out another piece by Ed here: 

Page's Guide To Birds
By Ed Page

HUMMINGBIRD: The name "hummingbird" is something of a misnomer since a 
hummingbird doesn't actually hum. However, this bird is by no means anti-
music. The hummingbird is a big fan of karaoke and, when listening to a 
favorite song on the radio, is not above tapping its foot. 

BARN SWALLOW: The barn swallow got its name from its ability to swallow an 
entire barn in one gulp. Considered a serious nuisance in farming 

PENGUIN: Penguins are awkward on land and cannot fly, but they are 
extremely graceful swimmers. Penguin experts often say that what penguins 
do underwater is not swimming, it's "underwater flying." They call the 
actual flying that most birds do "airborne swimming." Penguin experts are 
eccentric in many other ways and have few friends. 

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