[thebigjewel] Our Changing Language - August 3, 2005

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At The Big Jewel, the only things certain are death and Eric Metaxas. It's
already week three of Eric Metaxas Month. My, how time flys when you're
having fun! Come to think of it, where do mundane yet fascinating phrases
like "how time flys" come from? Our author of the month has the answer:

"Our Changing Language"

by Eric Metaxas

The question of how language came into being has always been among the
great puzzles of history. Who spoke first? we ask ourselves. However it
was that language first came about, it is safe to assume that its very
earliest beginnings were rather rocky. Brain sizes were not very large,
and it is postulated that at first it may have required the efforts of
three or four people to manage a simple sentence...

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