[thebigjewel] One High Fever, Unabridged - March 29, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel! If you look in the dictionary under "literary
humor," you'll find our picture. Speaking of dictionaries, what's the most
terrifying book in the world? No, not something by Stephen King, or the
latest copy of the Federal Register. It's the Random House Unabridged.
Don't believe it? Read on:

One High Fever, Unabridged

By Kurt Luchs

I'm no Dale Carnegie, God knows, but I recently stumbled upon a principle
of mental health that no person wishing to retain his sanity should
ignore. In short, it is this: Never open a dictionary unless you have a
specific word, a particular verbal destination in mind. To do otherwise is
to play Russian roulette with your faculties, the difference being that
with a dictionary there is, so to speak, a bullet in every chamber. I
speak from bitter, brutal experience...

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