[thebigjewel] Ode to a Spouse - November 15, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are always prepared to defend the
sacred institution of marriage in the sacred rhythms of iambic pentameter.
David Martin returns to us with three poetic salutes to the bonds of
matrimony...and deep regret that they aren't U.S. Savings Bonds:

"Ode to a Spouse"

By David Martin

In the throes of romantic love, some of the world's most famous poets
wrote great poems full of expressions of undying love and eternal
devotion. But what if those folks had been stuck in a difficult
thirty-year marriage? Might their poetry have been a bit different?

William Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to day old bread?
Thou art more crusty and less full of taste.
Rough edges do dull the aging buds half dead,
And bread's expiration hath all too short a date...

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