[thebigjewel] O Sherpa! My Sherpa! - March 12, 2003

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* This week we welcome newcomer Steven Seighman (pronounced "too-pak shah-
koor"). When he is not fondly reminiscing about his Sherpa, Steven edits
MonkeyBicycle.net, a site that is in fact completely monkey and bicycle-
free. Thanks for reading The Jewel, and have a great week.


O Sherpa! My Sherpa!
By Steven Seighman

I logged onto the Internet and, after getting sidetracked for a few moments
while considering the purchase of a wireless spy camera, I placed a want ad
on a popular message board. Just minutes later, my ad, and my prayers, were
answered. I had received an email from a man named Lopsang. It turned out
that he worked in a Himalayan restaurant in the University District of
Seattle with his grandfather. The old man had moved there fifteen years
earlier with a dream of serving his culture's delicacies to rich college
kids at high prices, and now he was doing it, with his grandson's help.

In his email, the young man lamented not being back home carrying heavy
things up hills for wealthy Westerners. The work at his grandfather's
restaurant was light, he was bored with it, and yes, he'd love to come and
be my personal Sherpa.

To hear the rest of this instant-classic, including the tragic, yet heart-
warming climax, please visit:

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