[thebigjewel] Notes for Mothra's Memoir-in-Progress - September 12, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where Japanese monster movies have played a
bigger role in our development than we care to admit. When he was a young
man in the Late Pleistocene Era, Editor Kurt Luchs once ran for class
president at Wheaton North High School on a platform titled "Destroy All
Monsters," after the film of the same name. The film featured a plethora
of beloved Japanese monsters: Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra...just about
everybody, in fact, except for Gamera the Flying Turtle. They had banded
together to save Earth from even worse monsters -- an apt metaphor for any
political movement, it seems to us. Kurt's campaign posters featured the
face of the Vice Principal tastefully superimposed on the head of
Godzilla. Needless to say, Kurt lost. But you, dear reader, are most
assuredly a winner, thanks to this week's nostalgic contribution from Dawn
Corrigan and Eric Ylst:

Notes for Mothra's Memoir-in-Progress

By Dawn Corrigan & Eric Ylst

You're probably used to thinking of me as a party girl. That's how the
press portrayed me for the first decade of my career, and I suppose there
was more than a grain of truth to it. Hey, it was the 60s; who didn't
party? But as I got older, my priorities became clearer. It's the simple
things, really: family, relationships. I didn't know that when I was
young. I had a lot of anger. That's probably what attracted me to Godzilla
in the first place...

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