[thebigjewel] Notes From A Sensitive Grammarian - March 31, 2004

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The Big Jewel wonders: Do you ever make these common grammatical mistakes?
Avoid embarrassment, take the advice of an expert, and read:

Notes from a Sensitive Grammarian

by Michael Fowler

As a man of flawless diction and grammar who is also hell-bent on
improving the ordinary man's spoken English, I submit a few grotesque
howlers that a variety of people have addressed to me in the last few
days. Frankly, the speakers quoted here made me feel ill, so sensitive am
I to errant language. I then offer the corrected versions, or what the
simpletons should have said, in hopes this will improve the lot of man and
settle my stomach.

1.) "Get out of the car and put your hands over your head."

Poor diction indeed, betraying the speaker as a ruffian and a barbarian.
It is much better for the officer to say, "Sure you went through a red
light and struck that old lady back there, but I'll let you off with a
warning this time"...

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