[thebigjewel] New To The Internet, My Uncle Francis - February 11, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, your guide to that newfangled thing the kids
call the internet. This week, please welcome Trevor Macomber in his first
piece for us, a tribute to the incurable naivete of his uncle regarding
all things web-like:

New To The Internet, My Uncle Francis Naively Responds To Spam Comments
Left On His Blog, "Frank Talk"

By Trevor Macomber

"Girish (erotic1mods@xxxxxxxxx): This post is awesome. I'm impressed by
your style -- experienced blogger, huh? Added your blog to my favs."

Hello Girish, thank you for your kind words! Hmm, "Girish" -- is that
Scottish, perchance? If so, let's just say you've put my mood in the
highlands! (Lol!) To answer your question: No, I am not an experienced
blogger, but it's very nice of you to ask. I'm also honored to hear that
you've added my site to your "favs" (short for "favorites," I assume, and
not something weird like "fava beans"...

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