[thebigjewel] New On DVD - September 22, 2004

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Week four of "May Contain Nuts" month at The Big Jewel features another
excerpt from the new HarperCollins humor anthology. This time, we
highlight the latest DVD releases:

"New on DVD"

by Jeff Ward

"Sense and Sensibility" -- Columbia/Tristar, 1996 (PG); Theatrical
Trailer; $32.00. The Sussex of 1811, impressively recreated in Emma
Thompson's film adaptation, is overwhelmingly alive on DVD. The rendering
of the period's clothing and furniture is worthy of a time machine, and
the countryside is so lush you'll smell the damp hay. But the crispness of
the format reveals a number of anachronisms -- in a church cemetery, for
instance, one can easily read "DIED 1915" on a tombstone...

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