[thebigjewel] Never Respond To A Flyer - January 18, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where the voice of laughter is slightly louder
than all the other voices in your head. Speaking of unwelcome voices,
Raleigh Drennon has visualized a traumatic situation that may happen to
you if you are not careful in how you respond to notices posted on your
library's bulletin board. We publish his piece as a public service and for
the prevention of disease only:

"Never Respond To A Flyer Tacked To Public Library Bulletin Board"

By Raleigh Drennon

You have a new message, recorded today at 11:43 p.m.


Phone tag, you're it! Thanks for responding to my flyer. The name's Steve.
Are you as excited about this year's science-fiction book discussion group
as I am? You're the first and only person who called, which lends a nice
symmetry, because I'm the only member of the group. Current member. We
used to be bigger. But as with most things, I guess, it's cyclical. Much
like the Hindu concept of Time. Or a concealed pit with fire-hardened
punji stakes at the bottom. Oh wait, that's circular. At least mine is...

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