[thebigjewel] Nature's Little Seismographs - November 2, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are bloody sick of all the worldwide
natural disasters and are desperately seeking some comic relief. We hope
we have found it, too, in the form of one of our little six-legged friends
-- just about the only creatures to escape these catastrophes unscathed:

"Nature's Little Seismographs"

By Kurt Luchs

I have here in my hand an article that would cause everyone a great deal
of worry if there weren't already so many things to worry about. It seems
a group of scientists at UCLA have discovered a new method of predicting
earthquakes based on the reactions of the common cockroach (Blatta
orientalis). Regardless of what we may think of them (cockroaches, I
mean), they are highly sensitive creatures...

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