[thebigjewel] My Name Is Jabba And I'm An Alcoholic - August 22, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we support those extraterrestrials who are
ready to admit that their substance abuse problem is bigger than they are.
Of course, when you're Jabba the Hut, that's saying a lot. But let Tyler
Smith tell it:

My Name Is Jabba And I'm An Alcoholic

By Tyler Smith

This is my first time at an AA meeting. I've been sober for one day.
First, I'd just like to say how moved I am that you all have agreed to
hold this meeting in the gymnasium. I think we all know it would have been
a little cramped in the Sunday school room. Oh, dang it, that's
embarrassing. I'll pay for the chair. No, I'll just lie here on the floor.
Okay, well, I've been an alcoholic for, oh, I guess about six-hundred
years, give or take a decade or so. I started drinking in high school with
my friends on Tatooine. I'm sorry? No, it's not outside of Sacramento...

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