[thebigjewel] My Farewell Address To The City Council - November 9, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where just as in Chicago and other great cities
of our great nation, democracy is so very much alive that on every
election day it is found to extend even to the illustrious dead. In honor
of this week's electoral jamboree in states and municipalities across the
land, we bring you a poignant reminder that the heavy burdens of
government service often can (and usually should) lead to other kinds of

"My Farewell Address To The City Council"

By Raleigh Drennon

Honorable ladies and gentlemen, fellow members of the City Council, it is
with a mixture of joy, sadness and sedation that I make my final address
to you as mayor of Milkweed, Kansas. There is something to be said for
seeing a project through to the end, but it's also a blessing to know when
it's time to move on. Of course, few of us enjoy the convenience of having
a massive recall campaign draw our attention to this fact. So, in light of
our past history, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to offer these
closing words -- some would say "defense" -- and I would raise my hand in
salute to you, were it not for the handcuffs attached to the leg

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