[thebigjewel] My Dog Custody Proposals - August 15, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are -- in the words of poet Ted Kooser
-- "not coming to be barked at." The following piece by Greg Boose is pure

My Dog Custody Proposals

By Greg Boose

My friends David and Natalie are getting divorced and they have two
beautiful and well-trained dogs. Because they don't know how to separate
the dogs or decide who should get them, I've come up with several
proposals for who should retain custody:

1. David and Natalie should both procure experienced family law attorneys.
After a series of meetings, the friend who was deemed the primary
caregiver of the dogs throughout the duration of the marriage should
retain custody of the dogs. If the process is too painful, then I could
take the dogs off of their hands because they're so much fun and know a
lot of tricks...

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