[thebigjewel] My Co-Worker Christy Brown - July 14, 2004

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Wouldn't you give your left foot for a fine satirical slap at differently
abled Irish author Christy Brown? Of course you would! The Big Jewel
beckons you to read the incredibly incorrect:

"My Co-Worker Christy Brown"

by Michael Fowler

(From the private papers of Seamus O'Casey, Revenue Calculator, Department
of Fishing, County Dublin, Dublin City, Ireland, 1980.)

Dearest Tess, I'm feeling terrifically inadequate at work. After the
mucker Niall Murphy was told to vacate the cubicle beside mine for
misappropriation of funds and smarting off to his superiors, who fills the
empty cell but his nibs Christy Brown. Aye, the great Dublin author
himself, with his know-all, do-all left foot...

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