[thebigjewel] My Baseball Scouting Reports - August 27, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we'd like to believe that the American
pastime is reading literary humor on the web. We'd like to believe that,
but it just isn't so. in reality, the American pastime is watching Ralph
Gamelli make a fool of himself on the ball field year after pathetic year:

My Baseball Scouting Reports

By Ralph Gamelli

Age 8
Prospect has effortlessly made the transition from wiffle ball to tennis
ball. Unfortunately, he refuses to give up the plastic bat he's had since
age four and which he still affectionately refers to as "Mr. Bluey." His
backyard fielding and hitting are coming along nicely, but at this point
it's his control of the ball that stands out, particularly when his little
brother runs to first base and the prospect pretends that hitting the
runner in the head is an accident instead of payback for a stolen Pop

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