[thebigjewel] Muzak Of The Spheres - June 23, 2004

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Hark! The Big Jewel! This is the final week in our special series called
"Kurt Luchs Parodies the Late, Great Humorists of Our Time." Last week it
was Erma Bombeck. This week it's Woody Allen. "But," you may protest,
"Erma Bombeck was not great, and Woody Allen is not late!" To which we
say, "A pox upon you! Go away!" But first, read on...

Muzak Of The Spheres (With No Apologies To Woody Allen)

by Kurt Luchs

Let me say at the outset of my treatise that I am interested only in the
ultimate questions: Is there a God? Did He create the universe, or did He
buy it ready-made from one of the better mail-order houses? How do we know
what we know, and if we don't know, how can we fake it? What is morality,
and why do all the girls I meet seem to have it?...

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