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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are always ready to lend a hand to the
cause of personal hygiene...assuming the hand has been fully disinfected.
This week marks the first time Matt Summers has appeared at The Big Jewel.
However, Matt will be well known to readers of Air Time: The Journal of
Hand Dryer Technology, and Blow Quarterly:

More Than Hot Air: A Hand Dryer in the Penn Station Men?s Room Shares His

By Matt Summers

Life is complicated.

Drying your hands is simple: Lather up. Rinse. Place hands beneath my
nozzle to initiate hot air flow. Rub hands vigorously. Nice.

Once, right in front of me, a real gentle fellow, about 15, mistook
another guy for his long-lost brother. But he, the latter, ridiculed the
gentle fellow right here in the bathroom in front of me, the paper towels
and everyone. I hated that. But I assisted that gentle fellow. That?s
right -- position my nozzle properly and I evaporate tears...

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