[thebigjewel] Mission Statement - January 15, 2003

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Mission Statement
By J. Pinkerton

Great business drives powerful business results. And the key to getting 
great business is to develop new and customized approaches to leadership 
and strategy, by enabling effective productive change, aligning your core 
competencies with your business vision and value proposition and solution 
propositions and also partnership. 

Keep a step ahead of the competition with solutions that work full-time for 
you with unpaid overtime. At Genericorp, we will partner with you 
proactively across all vertical markets to align your strategy, mission, 
and objectives with other things that are dynamic and raise performance 
levels with synergy. We will also drill down into just-in-time best-of-
breed productivity optimization, thus enhancing all facets of your strategy 
and allowing you to consistently excel proactively. By aligning your 
business vision to your processes, we will leverage synergies throughout 
your value chain and fly around all over the place, like over buildings. 
That is our value proposition. Oh, strategy. 

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