[thebigjewel] Misfortune Cookies - May 11, 2005

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How fortunate The Big Jewel feels this week to be able to bring you a new
piece by David Martin, author of the book "My Friend W," published this
month by Arriviste Press:

"Misfortune Cookies"

by David Martin

Even the most famous writers have to make a living. Recently retrieved
archival material reveals the failed attempts of several famous authors to
break into commercial writing.

To: Jean-Paul Sartre
From: Parisian Fortune Cookies Company
Thank you for your list of "realistic" fortunes for our cookies.
Unfortunately, we cannot use your submissions at this time. We are
returning your list. Please feel free to try us again when you're feeling
The Editors

Realistic Fortunes: 1. Your life is a continuous cycle of despair...

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