[thebigjewel] Mickey Mouse Fights Bugs Bunny In Vegas - June 15, 2005

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Here at The Big Jewel, we were just saying to ourselves the other day,
"Whatever happened to Norman Mailer?" Fortunately, we not only talk to
ourselves but we listen, and then we make thoughtful replies. And so we
were able to answer our own question with this week's deathless prose
about a grudge match between a Disney character and a Looney Toon:

"Mickey Mouse Fights Bugs Bunny In Vegas, As Reported On By Norman Mailer"

by James Warner

The likelihood was that no city but Vegas could have contained a spiritual
conflict of these dimensions. Which was why your correspondent, let's call
him Mailer, was in Vegas. When Mailer took his seat, Bugs was already
inhabiting the ring, shadowboxing, winning some cheers from the crowd.
Vegas is Bunny territory, except of course that the Mob were for Mickey.
But the existential money, hot diggity damn, was on Bugs...

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