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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where (along with Merriam-Webster) we like to
define "memoir" as "a narrative composed from personal experience, usually
used in plural." As you'll see, Dan Shea defines it somewhat differently.
For him, a memoir is the incoherent, paranoid and yet highly entertaining
ramblings of a disturbed psyche:

Memories Of Ma, The Old Neighborhood, Little Billy Woodnik, Growing Up Too
Fast, And The CIA Spying On Me

By Dan Shea

After school, during the milder months, all us kids would play stickball
in the street. Each block had its own unofficial team, and we were the
best. Heck, we were so good that the other kids sometimes accused us of
cheating. We'd just shrug it off, win another game, then go poison their
dogs. I say let our record speak for itself, you know?...

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