[thebigjewel] Literature's Greatest Bird Flu Scares - June 6, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we seem to be on some sort of weird animal
kick lately. It's purely coincidental, we assure you, this haphazard trail
of animal-related tales about chimpanzees, chihuahuas, and now birds. This
week, Laurence Hughes tells all he knows about the avian flu and its key
role in the classics:

Test Your Knowledge Of Literature's Greatest Bird Flu Scares

By Laurence Hughes

Identify the work of literature in which each bird flu scare appears:

A. A seagull's unnatural behavior leads to fears that it is infected with
avian flu. Previously ostracized by the flock, the gull returns showing
signs that it has visited a higher plane of existence, and now has the
power to move instantaneously to any point in the universe. While this
ability makes it "a one-in-a-million bird," the other gulls grudgingly
acknowledge that it is not normally an indicator of infection...

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