[thebigjewel] Limestone Luxury Condos - November 20, 2002

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Limestone Luxury Condos
By Kurt Luchs

There's a new feeling underfoot here in Quagmire, Florida, and the new 
feeling is?there's nothing underfoot! 

Thanks to a patented process called Irreversible Desiccation, great hollows 
have opened underneath our former residents to make room for you, and you, 
and millions more just like you -- sleek young professionals with Tennis 
Elbow and PC Pinky, tender but tough, youthful but useless. Sinkhole & Sons 
Realty is looking for glistening Caucasian physiques in fishnet underwear 
just tight enough to hurt. For tanned bodies like yours that pose almost 
naturally, almost believably in the latest styles driving the latest cars 
("The Predator," "The Quasi-Motors Hunchback") and drinking the latest 
drinks ("The Vodka Valium"). 

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