[thebigjewel] Letter From The Hogwarts Alumni Office - July 30, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, which will soon magically transform into a Harry
Potter fan site just long enough for us to get the extra traffic.
Meanwhile, just in time for Harry's birthday, enjoy our favorite take on
J.K. Rowling's creation by the equally beautiful and talented Mike

Letter From The Hogwarts Alumni Office

By Mike Richardson-Bryan

Mr. Harry Potter
Godric's Hollow
BS37 A10

Dear Mr. Potter,

Greetings from Hogwarts! Has it really been nineteen years since you last
strode the hallowed halls of Britain's finest school of magic? Even
without the assistance of a Time-Turner, time truly flies.

A lot has changed at Hogarts since you graduated. Aldis lamps have
replaced owls, golf carts have replaced Thestrals, and safe, reliable
lifts have replaced the more capricious of the moving staircases. And
what's that in the library? Yes, it's the school's very first computer, a
Commodore 64, which I'm assured by those in the know is the very pinnacle
of Muggle technology. Huzzah for progress!...

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