[thebigjewel] Let Us All Gather To Discusse The Plague - May 6, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where our favorite cry is: "Bring out your
dead!" This week, please say hello to Marianne Hess, whose first piece for
us is about a disease somewhat more serious than the swine flu:

Let Us All Gather To Discusse The Plague

By Marianne Hess

My fellowe citizens of London, as ye may knowe, the greate Pestilence hath
spread through our faire City. Mine selfe and many noble men of limited
education propose that the only waye to vanquish this unholy Plague is to
gather every citizene on the mouldering banks of the Fleet River at
noontide on the morrow, with the purpose of discussing quarantine
procedures. It was first advised, by the late Venerable John Dimme, that
such an endeavor mighte enlighten the masses of the need for avoiding
those stricken ill. Thus, at the conclusione of the gathering, it is hoped
that all shall fully realize the dangers posed whilst gathering for such a
gathering, and that such a gathering will prevente such gatherings in the

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