[thebigjewel] Krapp's Last Date - June 30, 2004

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This week The Big Jewel asks, "Is there anyone funnier than Samuel
Beckett?" The answer is: "Yes." But as Samuel Beckett is what's on our
menu, you'll take Samuel Beckett and like it, as newcomer Scott Brothers
brings us a romantic sequel to "Krapp's Last Tape" called...

Krapp's Last Date

by Scott Brothers

An early evening in the present. Krapp, an old man, and Sophia, a woman in
her early thirties, sit at a table in FYI TGI Mc Faddens, a
circus/vaudevillian-themed eatery. It's Saturday night, and the restaurant
is bursting with activity. Krapp is sullen and hunched over. He wears a
sleeveless black overcoat with very deep pockets and a dirty white dress
shirt, unbuttoned to the waist. Sophia is brimming with energy and
optimism. A pimple-faced waiter of 16 approaches the table...

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