[thebigjewel] Irma Bimbo - June 16, 2004

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This week The Big Jewel pays a twisted kind of tribute to the late (okay,
VERY late) Erma Bombeck. It's a carefree bit of whimsy we like to call:

Irma Bimbo

by Kurt Luchs

Did you ever notice how spring makes some people nuttier than a jar of
Planter's Party Mix, whereas some go goofy in fall, and others act silly
in summer, and still others get weird in winter? I must confess I'm in the
latter group. When winter comes I hibernate like a grizzly bear, and
brother, don't try to wake me up -- grrr! But when spring finally arrives
I return to normal and leave my cave to go salmon fishing on the banks of
a nearby stream. I stun the fish with a swipe from my huge furry paw...

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